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    The first private ambulance service in DuPage County, IL, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. was named after the service level its founders intended to provide all patients. Fifty years later, Superior has grown to offer patients and municipalities many services within the EMS industry. Superior offers ground and air transport for a vast variety of patient needs, including but not limited to Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, Critical Care Transport and Bariatric Transport.


  • Air Rescue: A behind the scenes look at medical helicopters

    Take a look at WGN's article in behind the scenes for Superior Air Ambulance.

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  • WBBM Radio interviews David Hill III

    Bernie Tafoya talks with David Hill III about Superior Ambulance and his family.

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  • Emergency Preparedness

    FEMA Independent Study Programs Now Available!

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  • Time Critical- When Should You Fly Your Patient

    Reasons to fly a patient from the scene of an accident.

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  • Medical helicopter industry alerted to coming FAA regulations

    Superior Air Med 1 ahead of FAA recommendations

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  • Superior Ambulance Celebrates 50 years in Business

    In 1959, accident victims in DuPage County, Illinois were transported to the hospital in converted hearses from local funeral homes. Upon arrival to the scene, the drivers often weren't trained to administer first aid to the victims. As the demand for emergency response grew and medical technology advanced, David and Blanche Hill started Superior Ambulance,...Read More
  • Superior Air Med 1 compliant with all 5 recommendations for HEMS operators as outlined by the National Transportation Safety Board

    Elmhurst, IL - The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a series of recommendations regarding Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS). These recommendations are the result of last February's 4-day public hearing that critically examined the safety issues concerning this industry. These hearings included various experts in aviation,...Read More
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