EMT Student Receives Challenge Coin for Life-saving Efforts

Congratulations to EMT student Gregory Cook on receiving a challenge coin for his life-saving efforts after witnessing a bad car accident.

Cook, in his ninth week of EMT class, witnessed a four-car accident while out driving one night. He immediately pulled over to assess the situation and found an individual unresponsive and without a pulse. With the help of two bystanders, Cook was able to safely remove the patient from the car and lay them on the ground to perform CPR. By the time the Chicago Fire Department arrived, the individual had a pulse again!

Congratulations Gregory! This challenge coin is well deserved.

Challenge coins have been around since the Roman Empire. They presented them to soldiers to recognize their achievements during times of war. The military also hands out challenge coins, as well as United States presidents. EMS challenge coins are given for many reasons, including recognizing hardworking EMT students, commemorating special events and more. Click here to learn more about EMS challenge coins and how they’re presented at Superior Ambulance. 

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