Detroit East Medical Control Authority Honors LSTI Student and Superior Crew

Last November, Life Support Training Institute (LSTI) student Mariah Redmond and Superior of Michigan employees David Donigian and Sever Ajim helped save a man’s life.

A man fell unexpectedly fell into cardiac arrest after running errands one night in the Detroit metro area. Tony Washington – a nearby bystander – witnessed the collapse and immediately responded. Washington quickly realized he didn’t have a heartbeat, so he began performing CPR after calling 911. Between Washington’s efforts and supportive care from the Superior crew and other first responders, the patient was revived and taken to Sinai-Grace Hospital, where he was eventually released in time for the holidays.

Near the end of December 2023, Redmond, Donigian and Ajim attended a celebration at Sinai-Grace Hospital with Washington, the patient and his loved ones, and the doctors and specialists who helped save his life. At the ceremony, all of the healthcare personnel who treated the patient were recognized by the Detroit East Medical Control Authority (DEMCA) for their life-saving efforts and received special survivor coins.

Congratulations to Redmond, Donigian and Ajim on your great patient care! Read more about this life-saving story here.

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