Celebrating Women’s History Month: Meet the Women of Superior

March 2024 marks the 37th year of celebrating Women’s History Month. This March, Superior recognizes all of our female employees and their contributions to the company and EMS. In this blog post, we take the time to highlight a few of them.

Meet Patty Sherburne – Human Resource Generalist for Superior Ambulance of Ohio

Patricia SherburneSherburne started working for Superior Ambulance of Ohio in December 2020 as a HR Generalist. Her position includes assisting with administration of benefits, workers compensation, onboarding for new hires and employee relations. Before she joined Superior, Sherburne held positions in accounting, medical billing and has been in HR for over 17 years. When she joined Superior, she knew she made the right decision.

“I love working here. I wouldn’t change anything,” she said.

Sherburne especially loves the employee relations part of her job. “I want to make sure I have everything taken care of for them, so they can go out on the truck and be 100% focused on doing their job.”

Sherburne hails from a large family. Her mother was the youngest of 10 and her dad has seven other siblings. The family-like culture is also what drew her to Superior.

“We take care of people,” she said. “Everyone comes in and wants to help others. Superior is a great place to get into the medical field.”

When asked what Women’s History Month means to her, Sherburne had this to say, “All women have had to endure challenges to overcome things. We have had to fight harder to do what we want in the world. My grandmother grew up poor and had 10 children, but she still led a rich life. Seeing that makes me love my career. I am not done with it by any means, but it also inspires me to be a caring and nurturing mother. My grandmother is my greatest inspiration.”

Sherburne plans to begin the journey of obtaining her master’s degree in human resources sometime this year.

Meet Alicia Cremonesi – CCT Paramedic for Superior Ambulance of Indiana

Cremonesi, who has been with Superior for nine years, is no stranger to EMS. Her mother is a nurse, her father is a retired police officer and brother is a current police officer. She also met her husband at Superior seven years ago; he is now a paramedic for the Chicago Heights Fire Department.Alicia Cremonesi

Cremonesi started her EMS career by going through EMT school at Franciscan in Hammond, Indiana. She learned about Superior when a couple of employees visited her high school. As soon as she graduated from both high school and EMT school, Cremonesi started working for Superior Ambulance of Indiana. In her nine-year tenure, she has held many positions including the Merrillville Station Manager, the Highland Station Manager, and the Assistant Operations Manager. Cremonesi has since stepped down from her management roles to attend nursing school full-time while still working as a CCT Paramedic in Merrillville. She thanks Superior Ambulance of Indiana‘s management team for their support during her journey.

“Superior does its best to accommodate people with their life outside of work,” she said. “I also love all the different job opportunities the company has to offer. There’s so many ways to grow.”

When asked what Women’s History Month means to her, Cremonesi mentioned her mother.

“My mom is the one who taught me how to be strong and to strive for my dreams. She is always supporting me in whatever I do,” she said. “It’s also awesome to see women in leadership roles, pushing the limits in EMS.”

Meet Takya Grant – CCT Paramedic for Superior Ambulance of Michigan

Grant is also no stranger to EMS. In fact, she was practically born into the industry. Her mother was a CCT Paramedic and Grant credits her mother for her career in EMS. In fact, when she thinks about Women’s History Month, Grant instantly thinks of her mother.Takya Grant

“She is an inspiration to me,” Grant said. “She was a CCT Paramedic for most of my life. I have her to thank for choosing EMS as my career path too.”

Grant started her EMS career in 2007 and joined Superior Ambulance of Michigan in 2015.

“I joined Superior at a young age. They were flexible and willing to work with and help me figure out what I want to do.” she said. “The level of camaraderie at Superior is unmatched. I love the family environment. If EMS is something you want to do, start with Superior.”


Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. continues to celebrate the strength, resilience and achievements of all female EMS professionals throughout history. We are also proud to have so many talented and inspiring women who have worked and continue to work at Superior Ambulance. Your dedication to saving lives is inspiring to everyone. Thank you for all that you do! 

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