What is an EMS Challenge Coin?

What is an EMS Challenge Coin?

What is an EMS Challenge Coin and how do you get one?

Superior Ambulance awards EMS Challenge Coins to select students who graduate from our EMT classes

“An EMS Challenge Coin is given to a student for going above and beyond in the classroom academically, with hands-on skills, and for being a leader, ” Superior Ambulance instructor Tommy Meyers said.

“As a recipient of this coin, it means that you have shown great excellence. As an instructor, it gives us great pleasure knowing that our students have excelled in what we have taught them and that they care about the job.”

Check out this video in which Superior Ambulance EMT Brooke Warnock receives a challenge coin from instructor Brian McCumber. 

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The origin of the challenge coin is a bit murky. Wikipedia says that the Roman Empire rewarded soldiers by giving them challenge coins to recognize their achievements. They were reported to have been issued during the Renaissance when they were known as “portrait medals.” The military routinely hands out challenge coins, and U.S. presidents even award them to troops. 

EMS challenge coins are not only given to hard-working students. They are also given to crew members to commemorate special events like deployments. They are given to recognize and celebrate an individual’s dedication and character. It is always an honor to be given a challenge coin, and a reminder of the standards of excellence EMS personnel strive to attain on each and every shift. 

Check out the photo gallery below featuring some of the Superior Ambulance challenge coin recipients. 

Superior Ambulance EMS Challenge Coin Recipients

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