8 Reasons to Become an EMT

8 Reasons to Become an EMT

If you’re on this page you’re likely considering a career as an EMT or a career in EMS. Congratulations — you’re making a great choice! There are a lot of reasons to become an EMT. We can’t list them all — there are too many — so we’re going to break it down to the top 8 reasons to become an EMT.

Free EMT Classes, No Debt

College costs are through the roof and the job market can be fickle. Going to college can be fulfilling, but it’s also incredibly expensive. Most students have to take out loans and the reality is you’re likely to start your career under a pile of debt — assuming you can find a job in your field. When you become an EMT, you can start your career debt-free with Superior Ambulance’s free EMT classes

Enrolling in the Superior Ambulance EMT Certification Program is a great decision because we offer FREE EMT CLASSES. When you pass our EMT class and pass the NREMT exam you are immediately hired as a Superior Ambulance EMT. Our students boast a pass rate of over 90% on the NREMT exam so you can be sure you will learn what you need to know and much more.

Our students love our EMT classes because our instructors are passionate about sharing their experiences and teaching. Classes feature a lot of hands-on training so you’re not stuck behind a desk all day. You’ll learn everything you need for the NREMT and you’ll also make a lot of new friends.

Superior Ambulance EMTs

12 Weeks to a New Career

Our EMT Certification Program is generally just 12 weeks long. College is at least two years, likely four, and perhaps even more. In just 12 weeks you can become a licensed EMT with a guaranteed job waiting for you upon passing the class and the NREMT exam. Just 12 weeks and you have a new career. How great is that?

Meaningful Work Every Shift

We receive a huge amount of emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls from people who express deep and sincere gratitude for the work our EMTs do. Each and every shift you are taking care of someone’s child or parent or grandparent. EMTs bring a lot of relief not only to their patients, but also to the patient’s family and friends. The thought of riding in an ambulance can be scary, but EMTs are always there to provide the compassion and reassurance that a family member or friend would provide. This was especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic when people had little to no contact with their inner circle.

“Nobody is here just for a paycheck. We are here because what we do makes a difference in people’s lives, no matter how small.”
– Max Thalhammer, EMT

Out and About in the Community

One of the best reasons to become an EMT is that you’re not stuck at a desk all day. Many of us are not built to sit in a chair all day, and if you’re one of them, becoming an EMT is a great choice. It’s definitely an active job and here at Superior Ambulance we get to provide EMS for a lot of amazing events. You’ll meet amazing people, provide care with compassion, and make a tangible difference in the community each and every day.

Superior Ambulance air medical transport helicopter

Wide Career Path

Becoming an EMT opens up a wide career path in EMS. After you become an EMT-B (EMT-Basic) you can study to become a paramedic, a nurse, or even join a flight team. Some of our EMTs even continue on to medical school to pursue becoming a physician or a P.A. Here at Superior Ambulance, most of our management team is hired from within. EMS provides great opportunities to grow and climb the career ladder.

Work at Amazing Events

Superior Ambulance covers over 500 special events every year. Check out this list of events where we provide EMS:

  • Chicago Bears Football
  • Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field Events
  • Chicago White Sox and Guaranteed Rate Field Events
  • Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, and United Center Events
  • The Bank of America Chicago Marathon
  • Chicago Sky Basketball
  • Northwestern University Sporting Events
  • Detroit Lions Football and Ford Field Events
  • Chicago Fire Soccer
  • Concerts, Races, and More!

There’s always something fun going on at Superior Ambulance, and we think that’s one of the best reasons to become an EMT!

Superior Ambulance Special Events Collage

Flexible Schedules

EMTs are needed every hour of every day. We hire both full- and part-time EMTs and both can have flexible schedules. Some EMTs like to work 24-hour shifts, while some prefer a more traditional shift. If you are in school or have another career, working part-time as an EMT is an excellent option. Our employees say one of the main benefits of working at Superior Ambulance is the flexible schedules.
Superior Ambulance Yellow Sprinter Doors Open

EMS is a Growing Profession

Last but certainly not least on our list of reasons to become an EMT: EMS provides incredible job security. The need for EMTs continues to grow and that will be the trend for the foreseeable future. Superior Ambulance has been in business for over 60 years and we are still growing and expanding our services in other regions and states. We currently have over 3,000 employees across five states and we’re not done yet.

We hope our list of 8 reasons to become an EMT was helpful to you! We invite you to enroll in our free EMT classes. Check out all the upcoming Superior Ambulance EMT classes and sign up now!

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