What to Expect in EMT Class

What to Expect In EMT Class

So you’re thinking about signing up for EMT classes or perhaps you’ve already signed up. Congrats on that! EMS is an amazing, rewarding profession with an excellent career path. But since EMT classes aren’t like traditional college classes, you’re probably wondering what EMT classes are like and what you’re going to learn. We’ll break it all down right here so you can know what to expect in EMT class. Here we go…

First Day of EMT Class

The first day of EMT class is much like any other first day of school. You’ll get your picture taken, meet your instructor, get your textbook and class syllabus, and learn a bit about the company and its policies. Then it’s time to dive in and start learning about how to become an EMT!

What You Will Learn in EMT Class

You will learn a lot in EMT class, including medical terminology, how to assess patients, and many different hands-on, life-saving skills. You’ll learn in multiple locations: in the classroom, in the ambulance, and in the field. Check out the video below for a quick look at some of the skills you’ll learn and what to expect in EMT class!

Superior Ambulance EMT Training in Chicago

In addition to all of the hands-on skills, EMT students will learn a variety of terms and techniques that allow them to administer proper care to their patients, transport patients safely, and ultimately save lives. Here’s a list of some of the things you can expect to learn about in EMT class. 

EMT Instructor Talking to EMT Students
EMT Instructor Watching EMT Students Work on Manikin

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our students work hard during class so we always take some time for fun!
Ping Pong and Pool are always a good way to unwind and clear the mind.

Sign Up For Superior Ambulance EMT Classes!

superior ambulance ems challenge coin recipient dalia guzman

We’ve told you all you need to know about what to expect in EMT class, so come start your EMS career with Superior Ambulance! Just click the button below to see all of the upcoming classes and sign up today!

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