Michigan’s EMT School Mass Casualty Incident Training

LSTI Mass Casualty Incident Training

Michigan's EMT School (LSTI) Demonstrates a Mass Casualty Incident

MCI tested the skills of Michigan's EMT and Paramedic students in a real-life situation.

SOUTHFIELD, MI – The Life Support Training Institute (LSTI) in Michigan recently conducted a demonstration of a Mass Causality Incident (MCI) for Paramedic and EMT students. The primary goal of such training is to simulate multiple, high-volume, high-acuity scenarios and identify the resources, personnel, equipment, processes, and procedures that are necessary. LSTI brought together the Paramedic and EMT students as a team (which they had never done before) to create a learning experience for both licensure levels. The students were brought to a crime scene set up that had numerous victims (mock accident victims with realistic injury make-up called moulage) with all different priorities due to a blast injury. The students then had to triage all the patients and assess which patients were priority patients that needed to get out of the situation as soon as possible.  

Lou Perkins, an Instructor for the Life Support Training Institute, said that there was one major key in this, “Communication, communication, communication. That is the number one thing that everyone fails at, unfortunately. However, they did a good job at treating the patients. We just need more training like this because you never know when these kinds of situations are going to happen.” 

This is a common scenario in the real world, and it was important for the students to be able to work together as a team to triage the patients and get them out of harm’s way. Many times, EMTs and Paramedics are called to scenes that are not life-threatening or injury related, but they can still provide assistance that could save lives. The students were able to use their knowledge from their class and training in this situation, and it was an amazing learning experience for everyone involved. 

For more information about LSTI or look at upcoming classes, please visit lifesupporttraining.org.

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