Meet the Recruiter: Danielle Stegenga

Meet the Recruiter: Danielle Stegenga

Hello everyone, my name is Danielle Stegenga and I am a Superior Ambulance recruiter for Northwest Indiana

I have had the pleasure of working for Superior for the past eight years. I started with Superior right out of high school as an EMR Driver and pursued my education with the help of Superior. While working for Superior I went to EMT School and college to get my marketing degree. 

Fun Fact: Superior is all about helping our employees continue their education whether it is for nursing or something completely different from the medical field. Before I took on my recruiting role, I worked on an ALS truck with Jeremy Suggs for about five years. It’s hard to leave an amazing partner, but I am excited for this journey with Superior and to onboard and welcome new members to the Superior Family.

I am a mom-to-be and this coming October we will welcome our new son. I have made so many friends working here and I cherish them all. It’s amazing to work somewhere where there are such great people. Some of my hobbies are going out on adventures and finding new places to eat, napping with my fluffy dog, making new friends, and crafting. If you have any questions about positions or need me, you can reach me at (219) 895-9710. And remember we have a referral bonus going on so send your friends my way!


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