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    Paramedic Billing Services, Inc.

    Maximize your collections! Paramedic Billing Services, Inc. has provided HIPAA-compliant billing and collection services since 1990. All our billing operations are conducted out of our modern, well-equipped headquarters in Elmhurst, Illinois. We provide our clients with customized billing services, convenient support hours, and friendly, reliable, multilingual staff. Our PBS training programs enable our billing staff to be motivated to provide the highest quality emergency medical billing and collection services to towns, villages and fire protection districts.

Who We Are

Paramedic Billing Services, Inc. (PBS) has been serving the billing and collection needs of municipalities since 1990.  PBS provides full HIPAA- and ANSI-compliant billing services for emergency medical services provided by towns, villages and fire protection districts.  Timely and accurate billing leads to increased revenue.  Our billing operations are supported through state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.  All work is completed in our Elmhurst office, conveniently located at 395 West Lake Street.

PBS utilizes Operational and Process Efficiency Monitoring Systems, designed to

Increase YOUR Yield! 

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