Superior Ambulance: Safety First, Safety Always

For more than 60 years, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance has maintained an unwavering commitment to safety, loss control, and efficiency in all areas of our business.

Minimizing risk for the protection of our employees, patients and partners is a top priority. We proactively look for ways to eliminate, reduce or control hazards to people and property on a daily basis.

Our company is fully dedicated to offering the best training and loss control education for our personnel at all levels of the organization.     

Safety and the principles of loss control are fundamental parts of our culture at Superior Air-Ground Ambulance and the critical importance of both are instilled in our employees at all times. We conduct safety training developed by well-known industry leaders and keep our programs updated regularly.

Background and/or drug/alcohol screenings are conducted for all personnel at the pre-employment stage or after an incident has occurred. In addition, all drivers of company vehicles must complete mandatory CEVO (Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator) training.    

We believe that maintaining a safe environment for both our employees and patients is not only a good business practice, but also a moral obligation. Everyone regardless of their position in our company is fully committed to our ongoing safety, loss control and risk management programs. 

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