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    Cruising at approximately 130 MPH, and having a flight range of over 200 miles, Air Med1 provides excellent patient care with rapid transport to centers of excellence throughout Illinois and Indiana. The aircraft is equipped with the most state of the art flight safety, communications and medical technology to transport critically ill and injured patients. For information or to request a transport, call (800) 832-2000 and ask for the Flight Desk. Airmed 1 is not a direct air carrier. In Illinois, aviation services are provided by Metro Aviation, Inc. In Michigan, aviation services are provided by Pentastar Aviation.

Who We Are


Our mission is to provide professional, competent, compassionate patient care and transportation, with an endless dedication and commitment to safety and efficiency.


Our vision is to assist in promoting positive patient outcomes, save lives, and remain diligent with regard to safety.


It is our sincere desire to provide high-quality patient care, with constant dedication to the safety of the transport environment.  When our services are requested, we will strive to coordinate transportation of ill or injured patients to "Centers of Excellence" for best patient outcomes.  It is important to us to maintain currency with today's standards and developments, which are evidenced-based, measurable, and linked to positive patient outcomes.  Continuous education, performance improvement studies and clinical activities all foster the development of our staff.  We are committed to collaborations with members of the air medical community at local, state and national levels.  We are also committed to promote public safety, education and coordination of disaster preparedness efforts.