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    Norcomm Public Safety Communication, Inc.

    The founder of Illinois' first private 9-1-1 Call Center providing police, fire and emergency medical dispatch for municipalities and fire protection districts. Norcomm Public Safety Communications, Inc. also performs burglar and fire alarm monitoring and installation. Norcomm also provides highly-trained personnel, such as 9-1-1 & 3-1-1 dispatchers, police records clerks and other specialized administrative staff, to municipalities.

What to Expect

Contracts: Contracts for 9-1-1 Dispatch Service may be drawn for multiple years, with three years as the average term of a contract.

Personnel: Norcomm Public Safety Communications, Inc. provides professional 9-1-1 call reception and dispatch using trained professional call takers, dispatchers, and supervisors.  Directors, managers and supervisors provide administration of our dispatch facilities to maintain quality services and reporting.  Directors and managers are APCO® and NENA® members and are highly involved in both organizations. These organizations are committed to enhancing public safety communications.  All Norcomm dispatchers are certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers through NAEMD®, APCO Institute® Public Safety Telecommunicator I, APCO Institute® Advance Fire Service, L.E.A.D.S. and NIMS.  Norcomm is also a member of NEMRT and dispatchers attend NEMRT training on a regular basis.

EMD: Norcomm has invested a significant amount of time and money in an Emergency Medical Dispatch program.  Norcomm telecommunicators are certified by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch and they are also licensed by the State of Illinois as Emergency Medical Dispatchers.  An Emergency Medical Dispatch program allows telecommunicators to provide pre-arrival medical instructions to a caller in need of medical assistance prior to an ambulance arriving at the caller's location.  Norcomm is one of only a select few consolidated 9-1-1 centers to become an EMD provider through an EMS System.  Norcomm is proud of the fact that our 9-1-1 center is an EMD provider through the Loyola University Medical Center EMS System #0805 Region VIII.

IL-TERT: Norcomm is a member of the Illinois Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (IL-TERT). IL-TERT is an Intergovernmental Mutual Aid program intended to provide teams of highly qualified public safety / 9-1-1 telecommunicators to:

  • Respond rapidly to the scene of disaster situations any place in the State of Illinois.                                                 
  • Respond to disaster situations out-of-state
  • Provide assistance to other Illinois 9-1-1 Centers that encounter crisis situations.
  • Provide advice to agencies that wish to develop local Field Communications teams.

For more information about IL-TERT, please visit www.iltert.org .

Quality Assurance: Norcomm utilizes a quality assurance program which calls for the sampling of telephone calls (9-1-1 calls, emergency calls, and non-emergency calls) and radio traffic between Telecommunicators and police officers / firefighters.  This program is designed to raise the level of performance of the Telecommunicators and ensures that they maintain a high level of customer service. The quality assurance program is also proactive in providing an insight to where additional training can further strengthen and improve the skills and knowledge of our personnel.

Benefit Management: Accrued time off and other personnel issues are administered by Norcomm.

Payroll: Administration of payroll, withholding taxes and other obligations due to employees under local, state and federal law are administered by Norcomm.

Uniforms: All telecommunicators are in uniforms furnished by Norcomm.

Norcomm Employee Benefits: Norcomm provides a full employee pay and benefit package to its employees.  Employee compensation is designed to attract and retain quality, long-term employees. Employee benefits include a competitive salary program and the following:

Insurance Coverage: Norcomm provides Professional Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance lessening the load for the village or district.

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance – Norcomm provides comprehensive Worker's Compensation Insurance.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – Norcomm provides a $1,000,000 per incident with $5,000,000 per aggregate coverage.
  • Comprehensive General Liability – Norcomm provides a $1,000,000 combined single limit liability and $5,000,000 umbrella covering manufacturer's, contractor's insurance, liability, errors and omissions insurance, operations insurance, bodily injury, property damage and personal injury insurance.