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    Norcomm Public Safety Communication, Inc.

    The founder of Illinois' first private 9-1-1 Call Center providing police, fire and emergency medical dispatch for municipalities and fire protection districts. Norcomm Public Safety Communications, Inc. also performs burglar and fire alarm monitoring and installation. Norcomm also provides highly-trained personnel, such as 9-1-1 & 3-1-1 dispatchers, police records clerks and other specialized administrative staff, to municipalities.

Municipal Alarm Services

Norcomm's Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring Services eliminate the need for expensive dedicated phone lines which are currently being used by many commercial properties.  Wireless alarm monitoring also reduces the number of false alarms that can be generated by faulty phone lines due to ground faults. 

Not only do Norcomm's wireless services save money, they are also more reliable, providing a secure radio transmission to the appropriate 9-1-1 Center.   Inclement weather is the number one cause of fires, floods and property damage and the main reason for phone line malfunctions.  With a dead phone line, even the most sophisticated alarm systems are rendered useless, failing to transmit a bona fide alarm.  Norcomm's wireless systems do not rely on phone lines; instead, alarms are activated through a radio frequency network which eliminates false alarms due to faulty phone lines.  This helps ensure a commercial property's alarm is received by the the appropriate 9-1-1 Center, from which help can be sent.

We are confident that our wireless services will save most business owners money, by eliminating existing alarm monitoring fees (typically between $20 and $30 per month) and fees associated with dedicated phone lines (typically between $75 and $180 per month). Typically, most businesses connect their alarm system via a fiber optic telephone connect, which can cost the business approximately $140 per month, or a copper telephone circuit which typically costs approximately $85 per month plus a monitoring fee of approximately $25 per month.   These fees far exceed the cost of Norcomm's wireless alarm services.