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    Superior Ambulance

    The first private ambulance service in DuPage County, IL, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. was named after the service level its founders intended to provide all patients. Fifty years later, Superior has grown to offer patients and municipalities many services within the EMS industry. Superior offers ground and air transport for a vast variety of patient needs, including but not limited to Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, Critical Care Transport and Bariatric Transport.

Commitment to Safety

Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service Inc. is committed to safety, loss control and efficiency in all aspects of our services.

We will commit our resources to minimizing hazards that may threaten the safety of our personnel, the security of our properties and the well-being of our patients.  We will take measures designed to eliminate, reduce or control the various hazards and exposures which cause incidents to occur. These measures shall include training of our personnel at all levels of responsibility in necessary safety and loss control practices. 

Management expects all employees to have the same positive attitude about safety and loss control as they do about other essential job functions.  We follow programs designed by respected safety organizations and strive to keep our safety programs fresh, up to date and as interesting as possible.

Programs such as CEVO are mandatory for every person driving a company vehicle.  Background and drug/alcohol screenings both pre-employment and post-incident are mandatory for every employee regardless of stature or position within the organization.

We feel that our goal of high safety awareness and a return of low losses is an honorable one.  We require the support of everyone in our organization to achieve this goal.  Corporate management fully supports the organization's loss control program and the risk management and training staff in their endeavors to reach our safety goals.

In the near future we will be adding links and website addresses of safety organizations worldwide for your convenience.