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    Superior Mobile Health Services

    Our goal is to be your preferred partner for your entire specimen, pharmaceutical, radiology, nuclear medicine, and small package pickup and delivery needs. We deliver nothing less than exceptional customer service for you and your clients.

Experts in Movement Management

Using the latest electronic tracking technology, GPS, and Road Safety devices we constantly monitor your package from pickup to delivery, onsite at our 24-7-365 Dispatch Operations Center, located in Elmhurst, IL.

100% of our Couriers are in marked vehicles, use barcode scanning software, carry thermal lined specimen totes, have refrigerators and dry ice on hand at all times, and have been trained in HIPAA, OSHA, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Universal Precautions.

Expect open and honest dialog as we co-manage transport services to meet the varied needs of your network.

For questions, price quotes, or to set up an account, contact our Program Manager directly at jdewit@superiorambulance.com.


What sets us apart?

Transparency, Integrity, and Exceptional Customer Service.
Vehicle Co-branding.
Electronic tracking at every pickup, for every package.
Uniformed couriers at every pickup.
An exclusive, toll free, recorded phone line for you and your clients.
Over 50 years of experience in medical transportation.

Barcode Scanning

Real Time
GPS Tracking
Pickup and Delivery Scanning
Electronic POD and Signatures
Document Capturing

Online Ordering

Create an address book
Receive price quotes
Online invoicing
Online Reports
Email notifications for up to three addresses; on submission, on pickup, and/or on delivery


Specimen Flow
Cost Center Analysis
Non-Productive Stop Analysis
Pareto Analysis
Route Optimization
Customized Reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)

Our Employees

Route Representatives

Live Dispatchers

Blood Borne Pathogens
Universal Precautions
Specimen Temperature Requirements
Diagnostic Specimen Identification
Annual On-Road Competency Assessments


Package Types
Diagnostic Specimens
Small and Large packages
Nuclear Medicine
Interoffice Mail
PHI Documents
Custom Packages

Service Types
Same Day
1 hour service
2 hour service
Pre Scheduled Stops
Warehousing and Inventory Management

Vehicle Services
Box Truck