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    Superior Ambulance

    The first private ambulance service in DuPage County, IL, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. was named after the service level its founders intended to provide all patients. Fifty years later, Superior has grown to offer patients and municipalities many services within the EMS industry. Superior offers ground and air transport for a vast variety of patient needs, including but not limited to Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, Critical Care Transport and Bariatric Transport.

Critical Care Transport

The Critical Care Transport Team's mission is to safely commit to the most compassionate, professional, highest-quality mobile critical care.  The team will use a foundation of education, employee involvement and customer service while acting as team players, team leaders and mentors for Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc.

Critical Care Transport (CCT) is deployed whenever a patient has care needs exceeding the current local EMS standards for Advanced Life Support ambulance providers.  Since 1999, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. has been meeting the care needs of these critically ill or injured patients with a two-pronged approach; we place critical care registered nurses on the ambulance and we provide a select group of paramedics who are educated in practice modalities above that of an Advanced Life Support paramedic.  All CCT staff members are chosen based on experience, critical thinking skills and the ability to be a good team member.  Superior's registered nurses all have a critical care background, and its CCT paramedics have had years of EMS field experience.  Additionally, CCT paramedics attend the Critical Care Emergency Transport Program, an 84-hour university-level course presented by the University of Maryland.  The Critical Care Team works together daily to provide patients with the high level of monitoring and care required in these exceptional situations.